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Clean Combustion was founded in 1999 with the vision and mission to question and challenge both the operation and the technology used within different combustion processes. Our technology has since been developed over the past 30 years, through extensive field studies and experience from working with the majority of the large pulp and paper companies both in Sweden and around the world, including sites in South Africa, Russia, Middle East, Europe and India.

In 2013 Clean Combustion began a partnership with Elof Hansson AB, an international specialist in the pulp and paper industry, originally founded in 1897. The company have subsidiaries and agents in more than 100 countries, each involved in one or more of the Group’s business areas. Our partnership has continued to strengthen and evolve, and in 2016 Elof Hansson joined with ALMI Invest (Government Investment fund) to invest further in Clean Combustion. This new partnership and its resources support Clean Combustion’s future international expansion. Since 2018, Elof Hansson is the majority owner in Clean Combustion. Visit Elof Hansson website <<

Head Office
Clean Combustion’s head office is located in scenic Åtvidaberg, about 250km south of Stockholm, Sweden. The town has a long history in innovations, from copper mining and calculators to even producing its own automobile in the early 20th Century. Today Åtvidaberg is easily reached by private car or public transportation and is close to both regional and international airports.

We are based in the Industrial Business Residence, a large complex which houses a variety of startups and experienced manufacturing companies. Here Clean Combustion has our management, administration, finance, IT, laboratory, marketing, service & maintenance, spare parts and logistics.

Industrial Business Residence


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