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Clean Combustion’s technology and ideas about efficient energy combustion has developed over 25 years of field studies and experience with our customers.

Clean Combustion was founded in 1999 when we questioned and challenged both the operation and the technology used within combustion processes. Since that time we have worked with the majority of the large pulp and paper companies in Sweden and have more clients around the world, from South Africa, Russia to India. Without the great support from our customers and partners we would not be where we are today.

In 2013 Clean Combustion began a partnership with Elof Hansson, a international specialist in the pulp and paper industry which was founded in 1897. Our partnership has continued to strengthen and evolve, and in 2016 Elof Hansson joined with ALMI Invest to invest 5 million SEK in Clean Combustion. This new partnership and resources support our international expansion.

It simply works better!

“It simply works better” is a quote from one of our customers, which are fine words that we carry with us in our work. During the years we have devoted considerable effort into product development of a new fuel injection technology adapted for green fuels as well as old fossil fuels. Clean Combustion has even begun working to develop and supply eco-friendly multi-fuel burners for the modern shipping industry. Our core ideas and a passion for perfection drives us to continue technical development.

We at Clean Combustion know that we are working in an industry of the future, where green and energy efficient technology is clearly needed. We remain committed to use our long experience, knowledge and technology platform to create direct economic benefits for our customers.


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