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Secure your energy production for the future

Converting to biofuels Convert incineration plant from fossil fuel to biofuel

Convert your incineration plant from fossil fuel to biofuel, with a minimal lead time and low investment costs.

Growing environmental awareness increases the demand for sustainable energy sources. At the same time the need for energy is growing and new types of fuels are being introduced at a more and more rapidly rate.

The demands for a rapid change in the energy sector are becoming increasingly tough. To meet the energy challenges of the future, you need an incineration plant that is adaptable, cost-effectively and sustainable.

Converting to biofuels has never been easier

Our experience shows that many players in the energy sector have postponed the conversion of fossil fuels to biofuels. A key factor is the perception that you have to replace the entire burner system, a process that causes downtime and large conversion costs. Instead, we start from your existing facility. By improving your facility and install the right type of technical solutions, we can help you secure your future production in three simple steps.

1. Replacement of fuel lance and nozzle
We are replacing the fuel lance and the nozzle.
Clean Combustions nozzles work for all liquid biofuels. 

2. Installation of dynamic vortex turbulator
Clean Combustion install an adjustable, dynamic vortex turbulator on the burner. The vortex turbulator is used to control and shape the flame in the combustion zone. It enables an optimized combustion for many variations of fuel flows.

3. Review of fuel systems
As a last action Clean Combustion review the remaining parts of your fuel system from the fuel tank to the burner. We review the status of valve trains and regulations, as well as flow meters and all other instrumentation. We bring forward an action package that optimizes your continued combustion and optimizes the fuel conversion.

Fuel lances Adjustable vortex turbulators

The benefits are many

We help you convert to biofuel and future-proof your production. With our three step you get the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective conversion
  • Increased flexibility regarding choice of fuel
  • Short lead time and minimal downtime
  • Optimizes existing burners instead of replacing them 
  • Proven solutions - Over 20 years of experience

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

Fuel lances

Clean Combustion's fuel lance can be easily adapted to meet all requirements. In the middle of each burner there is room for up to three fuel lances intended for liquid and slurry fuels. 

The lance, its connections and the vortex injector have different sizes depending on properties and the desired effects of the designated fuel. lean Combustion's flexible design allows the fuel lance to be pulled out independently while one another is in operation.

Adjustable vortex turbulators

Clean Combustion's adjustable vortex turbulators promote efficient combustion. The vortex turbulator is used to control and shape the flame in the combustion zone. Air is injected into the duct leading to the vortex turbulator, a speed-controlled fan that regulates the flow to maintain a constant overpressure. 

The adjustable vortex turbulator provides control of rotation and stoichiometry of the air without losing pressure or speed. It enables an optimized combustion for many variations of fuel flows. The outer channel acts as a coolant channel to prevent overheating in the burner.

 You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.


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Energy- & Industry 2019 - Exhibition

Energi- och Industridagarna 2019Clean Combustion participated in the Energy and Industrial Exhibition 2019, 12-13 November. The event was well-attended and most important companies and actors in each industry was in place to exchange information, news, contacts and ideas. We took the opportunity to present our combustion technology for new potential customers.

The Energy and Industrial Exhibition is a collaboration between ÅF, the Heat and Power Association, the Mätarvatten section and the Sodahus Committee. Over two days, there was several conferences with different approaches ranging from pulp, paper and energy production to new directives and new innovative technology solutions. During the days there was also an exhibition in direct contact with the conference rooms that provided a great opportunity to meet potential partners and customers from the energy, pulp and paper industry.

Together with our partner in advanced camera technology, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd, we presented the combustion technology of the future to many interested visitors. We also plan to return to this event next year 2020.

Read more about the exhibition here <<


Energy & Industrial Exhibition 2019


Single Fuel Lime Kiln Burner for Metsä Board, Husum

Metsä BurnerMetsä Board Sweden AB, Husum, the oldest customer of Clean Combustion, signed in March 2018 a contract for the supply of a single fuel Lime Kiln Burner and associated control systems. The investment is part of Metsä Board's long-term strategy to reduce environmental emissions (NOx and CO) and to ensure continued environmentally friendly production at the plant. The complete burner system ensures efficient production with reduced environmental impact at a lower production cost.

Metsä Board ControlThe Burner System includes:

  • 50MW Single Fuel Lime Kiln Burner.
  • Complete Valve Train kit for Oil/Steam/LPG/Instrument Air.
  • Burner Management System.
  • Primary Air Fans/Combustion Air Fans.

Erection and Commissioning are planned in September/October 2018. Supervised by technicians from Clean Combustion.

Efficiency: 50 MW
Fuel: Fuel Oil and Tall Oil Pitch
Weight: 1200 kg
Dimension: 650 x 60 x 60 cm

metsa boardMetsä Board Husum mill is an integrated board and pulp mill producing fresh fibre folding boxboard, white kraftliner as well as bleached market pulp. The new extrusion coating line started up in spring 2017. The production facilities are located in Husum, Sweden.

Visit Metsö Board, Husum website <<

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies and cement industries in Sweden and abroad.

PulPaper 2018, Helsinki Finland

PulPaper 2018PulPaper is the leading exhibition and conference event in the forest industry’s calendar. It will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 29–31 May 2018. The forest industry is experiencing a transition period as the environmental impact of the sector is known better than before. The event programme takes this into consideration with a strong environmental perspective.

The umbrella theme of the event is “Visit tomorrow today.” This refers to new innovations and technologies that the forest industry can harness to evolve in the digitalising world, while respecting the environment.

PulPaper will feature a varied seminar programme on all three days of the event. Business Forum is a seminar for company management, focusing on themes ranging from consumer habits to sustainable development and from innovations to changes in management.

PulPaper Conference, targeted at forest industry experts and researchers, will be held from 30 to 31 May. Forty experts, researchers and company representatives from the Nordic countries, Japan, North America, and other parts of the world will speak at the seminar. The themes include the circular economy, biomass use, climate change, and biorefinery development.

Environmental friendliness as competitive advantage
Environmental standards are often seen as a burden on industry. However, PulPaper approaches this topic through opportunities. As environmental friendliness and responsible production are increasingly guiding the purchasing behaviour of consumers, innovations that cater to consumers’ wishes in terms of ecology, functionality, aesthetics and price level are emerging as competitive advantages for companies.

PulPaper Conference swings the spotlight on many innovations that are revolutionising the whole industry. These include data-based sensors used in pulp industry wastewater treatment, a new catalytic bleaching method and the utilisation of industrial waste as an agricultural fertiliser. In addition, the conference will present a research project that seeks a breakthrough technology for chemical pulp production.

Wooden future of packaging materials
Plastic is the dominant packaging material the world over. Due to its long decomposition period, plastic waste places a great burden on the environment. Almost all fields of industry have started using bioplastic: electronics, agriculture, textiles and healthcare. Wood is envisioned as the renewable raw material of the future, which will be used in both packaging materials and textiles.

PulPaper Conference will present solutions based on renewable wood materials to replace fossil-based materials. The Swedish startup Cellutech will reveal what new materials the company is currently developing from wood. The current development of bioplastics will also be reviewed. The Finnish packaging startup Sulapac will be presented as a business case that provides a great example of ingenious packaging design. Its packaging materials are made from wood and intended for cosmetics products. They turn ecology into a luxury. Sulapac has a competitive edge because it can compete in terms of price with comparable packaging materials made from plastic, and the material can be mass produced with the same equipment as plastic.

PulPaper Conference will also deal with the use of forest biomass and the management of climate change. Speakers will address regulations related to the industry at the EU level and ponder the availability of biomass and related policies.

3D printing of biomaterials
The 3D Printing of Biomaterials seminar will also be held at PulPaper. When it comes to printing materials, the development of biomaterials opens up plenty of opportunities for new value-added uses of cellulose. 3D printing of biomaterials provides companies with a way to make cost-efficient customised products that save on materials and are environmentally sustainable. The seminar will present promising examples of cellulose-based insulation materials, for example.

Admission to the PulPaper exhibition is free of charge. You can now register for the paid programmes – PulPaper Conference, Business Forum and 3D Printing of Biomaterials – at www.pulpaper.fi. In addition, you can sign up for two excursions to visit pioneering companies in the field. Visits to Metsä Group’s new Äänekoski bioproduct mill and Kotkamills’ board mill will be organised on 31 May and 1 June.

Facts and figures
Forest industry products account for about 20 per cent of Finnish exports, and the industry is important to the country’s success. The forest industry is a major employer, particularly in rural regions – it employs about 41,000 people directly and around 140,000 indirectly. Finland has 49 paper and pulp mills, and more than 200 industrial sawmills, panel factories and other companies manufacturing wood products. The current products will serve as the basis of business in the years ahead, too, as next-generation paper, packaging and wood products are developed continuously. In addition, new bioeconomy products and business functions are being developed alongside the current products. The bioeconomy will create new companies, jobs and prosperity.

PulPaper, PacTec and Wood & Bioenergy are events with a wide-ranging focus on the forest industry. They will be held at Messukeskus in Helsinki on 29–31 May 2018. The event was last held in 2014, when it attracted visitors from 70 countries. About 400 companies will participate in the exhibition and around 10,000 visitors are expected.

> Visit the website at: https://pulpaper.messukeskus.com/

You are invited to contact us for further information, visit us at the Exhibition PulPaper 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. We are represented by ProBoreal Oy in stand 6 M71.

New Production Manager at Clean Combustion AB

Thomas EhnöWe welcome Thomas Ehnö as Production Manager at Clean Combustion Technologies Sweden AB. Thomas has extensive experience in mechanical industry and manufacturing, both as an employee and self-employed. One of the first major tasks was to coordinate and monitor the delivery of a rotary kiln burner with associated systems to ACWCI - in Jordan. Installation and commissioning is expected to take place in December 2017.

Rotary Kiln Burner system for delivery ACWCI - Jordan

Petra 1Rotary Kiln Burner System, 33MW 

Delivery of Petra 1 a Rotary Kiln Burner system took place at Clean Combustion assembly facilty at IBR, Åtvidaberg, Sweden on Friday 27th October. The Rotary Kiln Burner with command and control systems and peripheral equipment such as a furnace monitoring system are destined to Jordan for use in The Arab White Cement Factory that is located in the city of Zarqa in the Dulayil area.

Erection and commissioning are scheduled for December, 2017. The Rotary Kiln burner system will bring large operational benefits, significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions within the Cement production industry.

The Arab White Cement Company was established in 1982 with joint Jordanian-Syrian capital. The company has a factory located in the Wadi Al-Dilil area in northeast Jordan. The company has been producing white cement since 1985 with a capacity of 300 tons of cement per day. Visit the ACWCI website <<

Efficiency: 33 MW
Fuel: Oil and Gas NCG
Weight: 2100 kg
Dimensions: 864 x 95 x 60 cm

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies and cement industries in Sweden and abroad.

Arab International Conference & Exhibition on White Cement and Related Building Materials

Clean Combustion Technology Sweden AB is participating in the Arab International Conference and Exhibition on White Cement and Related Building Materials – Future outlook in light of new technologies, in cooperation with AUCBM General Secretariat. the conference will take place at the Grand Hyatt Amman on 8 - 9 May 2017. We invite you to Booth no 11, for more information and presentation of our dynamic burners, systems and surveillance technology.

8 - 9 May 2017
Amman, Jordan

Official Facebook <<
www.aucbm.org <<

Clean Combustion becomes agent for Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

Centurion TK 50We have recently signed an exclusive agent agreement with Thermoteknix Systems Ltd  covering Sweden, Norway and the Russian Federation, the agreement is effective from 1st March 2017. We are grateful that we got entrusted to represent and sell Thermoteknix quality, high end camera, scanner and monitoring technology.

Thermoteknix has over 30 years experience of delivering innovative technology in infrared (IR) imaging and thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software application products throughout the world.

>> View all Thermoteknix Products

Clean Combustion to provide a Lime Kiln Burner System to Södra Cell

Södra Cell MörrumSödra Cell, MörrumÅtvidaberg, Sweden – Clean Combustion and Södra Cell Mörrum Mill have signed, with Elof Hansson International as distributor, an agreement to supply a complete Lime Kiln Burner system in November 2016. The scope covers design, manufacturing, delivery, dismantling, commissioning and performance tuning of the Lime Kiln Burner System.

On 16 February 2016, the Board of Directors of Södra decided to invest about €103 million in the pulp mill at Mörrum. The investment is the second stage of a long term initiative at Södra Cell Mörrum, and will increase the mill's capacity by 45,000 tons.

“This decision to increase the capacity in the mill and improve the performance of process control in Lime Production with a new Lime Kiln Burner System is essential for us to achieve our production targets,” says Johnny Petersson, Project Owner at Södra Cell Mörrum.

“The Södra Cell contract is important for us,” says Kjell Myrén, CEO at Clean Combustion AB. “We will meet the expectations of an improved process control of the vital lime recovery process at Södra Cell Mörrum Mill.”

About Elof Hansson
Elof Hansson is a trading house active in the pulp & paper industry since 1897. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Through subsidiaries, representation offices and agents, Elof Hansson International AB is capable of providing projects and resources globally. Elof Hansson Group has about 550 employees and an annual turnover exceeding €600 million.

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies in Sweden and abroad.

Clean Combustion joins India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator

Innovations AcceleratorÅtvidaberg, Sweden – Clean Combustion will participate in the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator program that covers the whole chain of innovations within the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is a platform to build much-needed bridges towards joint innovation, research, development and deployment, which answer shared needs and are of mutual benefit.

India and Sweden share a common objective on the need for innovation, to build domestic competitiveness and to respond to growing demands in an energy-constrained world.

The objective of the India-Sweden Innovations' Accelerator is to promote the sustainable business of renewable energy and energy efficiency between India and Sweden. The green economy, including cleantech technologies, can decrease energy consumption and help to use energy more efficiently. The program helps to develop partnerships through its Virtual Meeting Room (VMR), webinars and online discussion forums.

In the next step there will be draft delegation meetings in India on 4-10 May, where Clean Combustion will actively participate. The meetings will be held in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi and contain workshops, seminars and opportunities for companies to meet and discuss further cooperation.

Clean Combustion
Watch the Video here

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies in Sweden and abroad.

More information available at the Innovations Accelerator Website <


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