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Det Blå INNO+Åtvidaberg, Sweden – Clean Combustion has signed three-year contract with Alfa Laval as a supplier and development partner of eco-friendly multi-fuel burners, a subproject in Denmark's largest green marine innovation project.

The objective is to offer environmentally efficient burners and systems for use in both the construction of new vessels and for modernization of the existing fleet.

During the next four years, more than 40 companies and organizations will work together to develop environmentally friendly and competitive solutions in the collaboration project, named Blue Innoship.

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies in Sweden and abroad.

With a commitment from the Innovation Fund of 50 million DKK to "The Blue Denmark" the most comprehensive project cooperation between industry, shipping companies, universities, technical institutes and authorities - is launched. The project totals 117 million DKK and consists of 14 green innovation projects, with a view to enhancing growth and creating jobs in the maritime industry.

Visit "Blue INNO+" web site <<


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