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Petra 1Rotary Kiln Burner System, 33MW 

Delivery of Petra 1 a Rotary Kiln Burner system took place at Clean Combustion assembly facilty at IBR, Åtvidaberg, Sweden on Friday 27th October. The Rotary Kiln Burner with command and control systems and peripheral equipment such as a furnace monitoring system are destined to Jordan for use in The Arab White Cement Factory that is located in the city of Zarqa in the Dulayil area.

Erection and commissioning are scheduled for December, 2017. The Rotary Kiln burner system will bring large operational benefits, significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions within the Cement production industry.

The Arab White Cement Company was established in 1982 with joint Jordanian-Syrian capital. The company has a factory located in the Wadi Al-Dilil area in northeast Jordan. The company has been producing white cement since 1985 with a capacity of 300 tons of cement per day. Visit the ACWCI website <<

Efficiency: 33 MW
Fuel: Oil and Gas NCG
Weight: 2100 kg
Dimensions: 864 x 95 x 60 cm

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies and cement industries in Sweden and abroad.


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