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Metsä BurnerMetsä Board Sweden AB, Husum, the oldest customer of Clean Combustion, signed in March 2018 a contract for the supply of a single fuel Lime Kiln Burner and associated control systems. The investment is part of Metsä Board's long-term strategy to reduce environmental emissions (NOx and CO) and to ensure continued environmentally friendly production at the plant. The complete burner system ensures efficient production with reduced environmental impact at a lower production cost.

Metsä Board ControlThe Burner System includes:

  • 50MW Single Fuel Lime Kiln Burner.
  • Complete Valve Train kit for Oil/Steam/LPG/Instrument Air.
  • Burner Management System.
  • Primary Air Fans/Combustion Air Fans.

Erection and Commissioning are planned in September/October 2018. Supervised by technicians from Clean Combustion.

Efficiency: 50 MW
Fuel: Fuel Oil and Tall Oil Pitch
Weight: 1200 kg
Dimension: 650 x 60 x 60 cm

metsa boardMetsä Board Husum mill is an integrated board and pulp mill producing fresh fibre folding boxboard, white kraftliner as well as bleached market pulp. The new extrusion coating line started up in spring 2017. The production facilities are located in Husum, Sweden.

Visit Metsö Board, Husum website <<

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies and cement industries in Sweden and abroad.


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