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Closing the “Energy Efficient Gap” between efficient technology and inefficient investments

Åtvidaberg, Sweden – Energy efficiency is a difficult and sometimes confusing thing to measure. The best method to determine efficiency is when something is changed and is therefore relative to its predecessor.

At Clean Combustion we measure the efficiency relative to what we are replacing. We recognize efficiency as liberation of resources, therefore measurable as a fuel. Our concept of the “efficiency tank” makes efficiency tangible. A tangible efficiency brings several new advantages and options to the mill that we would love to talk to your organization about.

The document linked below describes the efficiency savings within single fuel consumption, how our core technology covers the cost of replaced equipment and upfront investments for the new product over a short time. This document is leaving out emission efficiencies, maintenance efficiencies, operational efficiencies and market opportunities.

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An example: A pulp mill is operating a rotary kiln burner that is on annual average consuming oil at the rate of 800 kg/hr. They decide to upgrade to a Clean Combustion burner. The new burner generates the same result through the kiln consuming only 720 kg/hr. That is an efficiency increase of 10%. In order to quantify the actual liberation of resources we measure the differing 80 kg of oil as if it were in a separate “efficiency tank” every hour. This makes the efficiency tangible.

After a month of continuous operation the “efficiency tank” will consist of 59,520 kilos. If we then decide to run the burner of the “efficiency tank”, at 720 kg/hr we will get 82.6 hours (3.4 days) of free operations due to the plants own production.

This is as simple as it sounds.

About Clean Combustion
Clean Combustion AB develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. Founded in 1999, Clean Combustion has a global sales presence and has helped the majority of the larger pulp & paper companies in Sweden and abroad.

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