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Clean Combsution's Management System (BMS) is custom made and highly dynamic for each Burner System through its modular design. It consists of 5 module classes and depending on the desired setup, three different cabinets. The system is compliant to industry standards and is based on the Siemens SIMATIC Technology. The SIMATIC Technology helps us to monitor, operate, maintain and protect the burner safely and reliably.

Clean Combustion
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Burner Management Systems

Burner Safety System

With Clean Combustion Burner Safety System (BSS), each fuel will have its own safety logic for ...

Burner Control System

Burner Control System with different choice of PLC and HMI.

Flame Control System

Clean Combustion Flame Control System serves several functions, Flame Detection, Thermal Analysis ...

Burner Management Intelligence

Clean Combustions Burner Management Intelligence module provides communication to our Technical ...


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