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Burner Safety SystemBurner Safety System

Burner Safety System

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With Clean Combustion Burner Safety System (BSS), each fuel will have its own safety logic for firing. A signal splitter will give the Safety PLC independence from the DCS for signal input. This results in the safest operative logic for the safety system. We offer the PLC system as Siemens, or ABB/Allen Bradley/Honeywell, or following client request.

Our Burner Safety System houses a Safety PLC. An All-Master system for dynamic and static safety circuits where inputs and other information are shared over the bus. Multiple safety sensors can be connected to a single input and still achieve the highest level of safety. The Burner Safety System has inputs suited for every safety product on the market, and each input function is configured in the accompanying the software.

Our Burner Safety System is a highly flexible system that can easily be modified to our flexible burner design. Depending on the design of the burner hardware each Burner Safety System is designed after the client’s needs as a part of the final design phase.



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