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Flame Control SystemFlame Control System

Flame Control System

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Clean Combustion Flame Control System serves several functions, Flame Detection, Thermal Analysis and Flame Shape Monitor. The Flame Detection function detects the presence of a flame in the flame zone. Flame Monitor Camera assists the operators while tuning the burner, assisting to achieve better combustion performance and efficiency within the process, this is mainly for single-burner applications. Thermal analysis equipment such as the temperature indicators or thermal cameras allows accurate and efficient operations of multi-burner installations.

Flame shape control is crucial to operations and the surrounding environment of the burner. Clean Combustion’s flame shape innovations focuses on enhancing the control of the operator; to provide the tools of fixating the position of the flame within the process independent of operational flows and outputs. A controlled flame reduces the tear and wear, and the risk of unexpected production stops. Most importantly, it optimises and locates the heat convection at its desired location, which reduces heat loss and other energy losses. We achieve this through a matrix of components, each with a specific purpose towards the flames shape within your operation.



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