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Multi-fuel Burners

Clean Combustion’s burner systems have been designed for energy intensive industrial applications. Through innovation and design we ensure each system provides improved efficiency and reliability, saving our clients money and time while lowering emissions.

Clean Combustion is able to offer unique customized burner solutions to a wide range of special applications due to our six decades of operational burner experience and two decades of research, innovation and design. The most common applications include lime production in the recovery area for the pulp and paper industry, black liquor injection in the recovery boiler, incineration and reliable start-up applications in the power or recovery area.

Retro Fit Capabilities
Clean Combustion’s specialty is burner replacement and we have experience in over thirty retrofit projects. The older generation of industrial burners operates at low efficiency in terms of energy input per product output. We design the burner to operate at optimized performance through minimized changes to its environment.

Burner Management System (BMS)
Our BMS, like our burners, is of modular design. The manageability of the burner system enables swift integration to existing systems. The BMS is fully digital and connected to the control room. The emissions are minimized and the economy of the system is maximized.

Burner Management Intelligence
Clean Combustion’s Burner Management Intelligence module provides communication to our technical engineers, offering a proactive support service to maintain the highest performance.

Clean Combustion
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Rotary Kiln Burner Station

Clean Combustion's High Performance Rotary Kiln Burner systems have been designed for energy ...

Start-up Burner & Station

Ideal for recovery boilers and power boilers which need an easy and reliable start-up or support.

Load Burner & Station

Load Burner & Station is ideal for boilers on standby.

Gas Burner & Station

Clean Combustion Gas Burner systems have been designed for energy intense industrial applications. ...


The incinerators are specially designed for non-condensable gases and liquids such as methanol and ...

Black Liquor Burner & Robot

The purpose of a dynamic and automatic high performance Black Liquor Spray Station, from Clean ...

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