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Black Liquor Burner StationBlack Liquor Burner Station

Black Liquor Burner & Robot

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Black Liquor
Fuel types:
Black liquor station for Recovery Boiler
Burner application:
Black Liquor Burner Station
Station parts 1. Local Cabinet 2. Cradle 3. Liquor Gun 4. Flusher

The benefit of a dynamic and automatic high performance Black Liquor Spray Station, from Clean Combustion, is to more effectively from the control room integrated into the DCS optimize the performance of black liquor injection in the Recovery Boiler. The system control the load of a recovery boiler and the quality of bed shape. The control of load range between the minimum and maximum values enables to increase load efficiency and thus improve security, simplify maintenance for the operator. By experience this trimming tool improves the chemical reduction from the recovery boiler with approx. 1-5 %. For many Mills that have specific demand on personal safety around the Recovery Boiler, the Black Liquor Robot decrease the insurance cost and meet all the security expectations. A complete setup for a medium size Recovery Boiler increase the Pulp Production and capacity around 2-3 MUSD/Y and increased steam production for a value of 0.5 MUSD/ Y.


  • Improves working efficiency in the Recovery Boiler 1- 5%
  • Reduced cleaning of over heaters
  • No need of burning Oil in load change.
  • Security around the Recovery Boiler
  • Easy to use in change of load
  • Improved chemical reduction
  • Load of Recovery Boiler on demand.
  • Ideal for Kvaerner, Metso, Valmet Recovery Boilers including Blurb Master

Technical Features

  • The Liquor Gun Station concept works as a robot controlled from the DCS to optimize and simplify the load of Black Liquor in to the Recovery Boiler.
  • The Liquor Gun is designed to cover the whole range from maximum to minimum Black Liquor flow.
  • The Flush cleaning of Nozzle runs automatically and estimated time of Nozzle Replacement service is 4 to 10 months.
  • The unique set up also reduce the numbers of sparay stations in standard Recovery Boilers from 6 to 4, 8 to 6, or 12 to 6.
  • The safety concept secures personal attendance and improves secure work around the Black Liquor Injection Area.

Functional Description

The Station consists of four major parts:
1. The Manual control station.
2. The cradle with safety guillotine.
3. The Liquor Injector.
4. The Flushing Station.

Technical Specification


  • Actuator stepper motor drives a shaft linearly. The motor is controlled by a control signal from a controller on the operator's computer screen.
  • Type: ODEN P30
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Power capacity: 8 A
  • Control signal: 4-20 A
  • Regulating power: 1,5.12 kN
  • Stroke: 100 mm
  • Max speed: 250 mm / min
  • IP67
  • Installation in all directions: Yes
  • Running time modulating 10-52 mm 30 s
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Ambient temp: -20 to +60 ° C


  • Spray nozzle is set by the designed liquor flow.
  • Spray Nozzle available for Kvaerner, Metso, Valmet and Andritz Recovery Boilers.

Conditions Body

  • Theoretical operating time 4000h

Reference list

  • Metsa Board, Husum Mill, Sweden
  • Billerud Korsnas, Frovi Mill, Sweden
  • Sodra, Morrum Mill, Sweden



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