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Start-up BurnerStart-up Burner

Start-up Burner & Station

Product SKU: 1002
5 MW-15 MW, 17-50 MBTU
Effect range:
Single fuel
Burner layout:
Recovery boilers, Power boilers
Burner application:
Turndown ratio

Clean Combustion's Start-up Burner & Station systems have been designed for energy intensive industrial applications ideal for recovery boilers and power boilers which need an easy and reliable start-up or support.

The Start-up Burner system has integrated high turn down fuel injectors. A turndown ratio of 10:1 is achievable when using the complete BMS and control, which gives the possibility to run on only 10% of the maximum capacity needed.

Burner standard features

  • Igniter
  • Actuators
  • Flame shape control
  • Fuel inlet connect
  • Atomizing inlet connect
  • Air inlet connect
  • Junction Box

Burner options

  • Dual fuel Oil/ Air or Steam atomizing
  • Gas train
  • Oil train
  • Flame scanner
  • Local control panel
  • Primary air station
  • DCS connect
  • Burner Management System (BMS)
  • Burner Safety System (BSS)

Liquid fuels

  • Oil No. 1-6
  • Tall Oil



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