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ThermaScope HD Multi-ViewThermaScope HD Multi-View

ThermaScope HD Multi-View

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ThermaScope HD Multi-View
ThermaScope HD Multi-View

ThermaScope HD Multi-View is the real time imaging, recording and analysis system for ThermaScope HDC and ThermaScope HDT kiln and cooler cameras.

The Multi-View system records and stores the last 7 days of ThermaScope HD full frame rate image data and 60 days at 1Hz frame rate. This data can be replayed and analysed on the interactive timeline. Review kiln events such as light up, fuel change and the build up of ‘snowmen’. Multi-View is available as an upgrade to add functionality to existing ThermaScope HD camera installations or for completely new systems.

Place unlimited spot, freeform polygons, circular/elliptical or triangular areas on data from ThermaScope HDT cameras. A brand new feature enables the operator to place new tools on previously recorded data where there were originally none, in order to interrogate historical footage.

Multi-View can take 2 HD image data streams into a single PC to cut down on the number of monitors required and save space in the control room. It is also possible to have a separate, independent remote, networked monitor so that staff outside of the control room can view and have access to both live and historical data with their own view settings and preferences.

The Multi-View system incorporates Softing DA and AE OPC servers certified to levels 1,2 and 3 as OPC compliant by the OPC foundation. This is in keeping with international standards and makes for ease of third party integration into plant operating and automation protocols. This extended OPC functionality enables alarms, events and data access to be accommodated.

Product Benefits

  • Record, replay and analyse ThermaScope HD Footage
  • Fully interactive timeline
  • Powerful user event logging function
  • View ThermaScope HD Kiln and Cooler Video on same monitor (Picture in Picture)
  • Linked kiln & cooler views
  • Full OPC compliance
  • Full networked, remote access


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