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Centurion TK50Centurion TK50

Centurion TK50

Product SKU:
L200xW180xH70 mm
3.5 kg
IP Class:
-20C to +50°C
Ambient temp:
Environment temp up to:
Centurion TK50
Centurion TK50
Centurion TK50

Centurion TK50 is the industry-standard rotary Kiln Shell Line Scan system fromThermoteknix. Centurion TK50 works with WinCem Graphic kiln visualisation software representing the most exciting development in rotary kiln shell scanning information for many years.

Centurion TK50 is designed to operate reliably and accurately at wide ambient temperature ranges with a high performance thermo-electrically cooled Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) single element detector for optimum sensitivity, accuracy and ruggedness. Within Centurion TK50, advanced control circuitry continuously monitors and optimises detector performance. This ensures maximum dynamic range and low NETD in continually changing ambient operating conditions. Two internal calibrated blackbody temperature references are scanned on every revolution to ensure the highest system temperature.

  • Unparalleled high definition display
  • 3D coating/brick thickness display
  • Dynamic multi-region trending
  • Worst case temperature tracking
  • Heat loss/thermodynamics package

And many more features...

Technical Specifications

  • Scanning Rate: 30Hz
  • Linear Samples per Scan: 2048
  • Focus: 1m to Infinity
  • Scanning Field of View: 120°
  • Spectral Range: 3.3μm - 4.2μm
  • Filter: Atmospheric
  • Power Consumption: 24 Watts
  • Operating Temperature Range (optional) -40°C to +70°C


  • Tyre Slip Software
  • WinCem Graphic Professional 8 Kiln Shell Visualisation Software
  • WinBrix Refractory Expert
  • Thermodynamics Package
  • Remote I/O Module
  • OPC Interfacing Software
  • Client-Server Network Software
  • Alignment Telescope
  • Rack-mounted PC



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