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Clean Combustion develops and supplies a variety of visual HD cameras for furnace monitoring. We are also agent for Thermoteknix' ThermaScope HDC colour kiln cameras. All cameras are designed to operate in the hottest and toughest combustion areas so our clients always know what is happening in their processes.

All camera models with high durability for harsh environments. Equipment can handle dusty environments with CaO and other chemicals in ambience. The automatic operation of the camera ensures that it is not overheated and that the lens is kept clean.

Our cameras include water cooled flame monitor cameras, thermal FLIR cameras for external process monitoring and water cooled thermal cameras for internal process monitoring.

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Visual HD Cameras

ThermaScope HDC Kiln Camera

High definition, high speed ThermaScope HDC colour kiln cameras provide high quality imaging from ...

Furnace Monitoring Camera SES-60

Clean Combustion's Furnace Camera SES-60, equipped with a Single Eye Straight directed HD-camera

Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70

Clean Combustion's furnace camera SEA-70 is a Single Eye Angled HD-camera allowing visual sight of ...

Furnace Monitoring Camera DESA-104

Clean Combustion's furnace camera DESA-104 is a Dual Eye, Straight directed and Angled HD-camera


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