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Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70

Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70

Product SKU: 5102-100001
Angle view:
L1290xW360xH360 mm
40 kg
IP Class:
-10 to +45° C
Ambient temp:
1400° C
Environment temp up to:
Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70
Furnace Monitoring Camera SEA-70

Clean Combustion's furnace camera SEA-70 is a Single Eye Angled HD-camera allowing visual sight of the flame or flame bed, allowing operators a visual sight of the flame bed and improved insight of the combustion process. The Camera Eye is mounted at the tip of the lance, facing forward toward the flame. The shape and behavior of the flame gives valuable information to the operators. Flame monitoring is essential to achieve maximum combustion efficiency and is recommended in all installations of boiler stations.

The system features water-cooling and supporting air flow to keep dust off of the lens. A thermometer connected to a pneumatic rig will extract the camera if cooling is insufficient. If the water supply stops the system automatically ejects the camera from the kiln. The consumption of cooling water can be optimized so that if the camera is ejected an additional water cooling valve connected to the camera water supply will close.

Technical Specification

Camera System Connectors


  • 1x 220V Electricity (EU Plug)
  • 1x Cooling Water Input 3/4" (Inner Thread, connected to filtered Water Supply, 8 lit/min)
  • 1x Air Buffer Flow Input 3/4" (Inner Thread, connected to filtered Instrument air, 6 bar)


  • 1x BNC Connectors (Female)
  • 1x Cooling-Water Output 3/4" (Inner Thread)

Other Specifications

  • Lance dimension: 70 mm
  • Filtered air connection: >3 bar(g), ,
  • Cooling Water: 8 lit/min
  • Water consumption: 1 l/min
  • Power connection: 240V 50Hz
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Control signal: 4-20A

Package Content

  • 1x Furnace Camera SEA-70
  • 1x Pneumatic rig
  • 1x Operation manual
  • 1x Installation manual
  • 1x Spares & Wares List

Reference list

  • WTS Powder Burners, Sweden
  • Värmevärden, Sweden



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