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SNCR System

Product SKU: 5001

The DCS integrated NOx Emission SNCR Reduction Injection system from Clean Combustion gives unique advantages for optimized injection of urea or ammonia in flue gas.

Technical Specification
The uniqe design of injectors diameter 15 mm gives the opportunity to avoid retrofit of tube design. The PLC and DCS integration gives total dynamic variations in mixture and flow to minimize use of reagents in the furnace.

Injector Nozzle Design

  • Air outlet: 1.5 bar (static or dynamic)
  • Regent min-flow: 25 l/h
  • Regent max-flow: 200 l/h
  • Outlet angle: 60° from center (120° spray angle)

Injector Lance Design

  • Injector total length: 120cm
  • Injector inlet length: 20 cm
  • Wall thickness: N/A
  • Port diameter: N/A
  • Injector diameter: 15mm
  • Regent inlet: TBD female
  • Air inlet: ½ “ female

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