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Valve Train

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We offer the highest quality and expertise within Valve Trains and Feed Trains, to ensure the quality of input.

Projects covering retro-fit of burners commonly requires modifications or additions to its Valve Trains. The activity is planned in accordance of established mill design criteria. Clean Combustion delivers a cabinet covered solution based on Siemens Technology, unless other is agreed. A retro-fit valve train could also be an addition to existing valve train to allow combustion of a new fuel in the process. We call it "Valve Train Expansion". The valve train cabinet is easily connected to the other modules of the BMS.

We encourage usage of existing equipment of good quality that remains within current regulations and standards (NFPA, IEC, and ANSI/ISA). Note that new regulations requires upgrading of older and existing equipment that everything is brought up to current requirements.

Our base component offering for complete or expansive valve trains in burner applications are:

  • Safety components such as isolation valves, electronic safety shut-off valves, and pressure switches
  • Unit components such as inlet drip leg, filter/strainer
  • General components as pressure regulators, flow meters, control valves


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