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Clean Combustion provides a broad range of services to our clients within our areas of expertise, such as project management, custom project design, service and maintenance, erection and commissioning supervision, and site process inspections and services. We use the latest web-based quality collaboration tools, as well as 3D scanning and plant modelling.

Clean Combustion
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3D Scanning & Plant Modeling

Clean Combustion performs 3D Laser scanning, which is fast becoming the leading technology for 3D ...

Custom Product Design

Clean Combustion provides custom project design using the latest 3D scanning technology and AutoCAD ...


Clean Combustion provides comprehensive documentation, custom made and available online for ...

Erection and Commissioning Supervision

Clean Combustion’s supervision services ensure smooth and competent installations and commissioning ...

Mill Site Process Inspections

Short information about Mill Site Process Inspections comes here....

Mill Site Process Services

Short information about Mill Site Process Services comes here....

Project Management

Clean Combustion’s skilled and engaged Project Managers are equipped with a proven working ...

Service and Maintenance Program

In Clean Combustion's Service & Maintenance Program we work to increase plant efficiency and ...

Training and Education

Clean Combustion provides training and education for all types of personnel, such as operators, ...


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