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Service and Maintenance Program

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Clean Combustion’s Service & Maintenance Program improves plant availability, optimizes performance and increases productivity and up-time. This cost-effective service is provided to the client at a price they know in advance.

Clean Combustion's products have long intervals between services due to self-cleaning designs, clean burning and low emissions. By monitoring combustion data from the plant we can quickly see if efficiency is falling, and through our systems identify the cause and advise on corrective measures. The plant is tuned for optimum performance and is under constant control and inspection of our service organization both locally and remotely.

  • Fixed Charge
    Our Service & Maintenance Program clients are billed a fixed charge and require no capital investments. There are no hidden costs: all components, tools and freight charges to and from the facility are included. We plan and manage maintenance, service, tuning and spare parts in collaboration with our customers for the best cost effectiveness.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    To ensure the highest availability and avoid production disruptions Clean Combustion’s service engineers visit the plant facility on a fixed maintenance schedule for trimming and inspection, done by appointment. This provides effective protection against unexpected breakdowns and unwanted costs.
  • Guaranteed Assistance
    Clean Combustion's Service & Maintenance Program includes responsibility for the maintenance of a stock of spare parts, including access to the standard “Auxiliary Burners” from our supply. We guarantee door to door service within 24 hours or less. This causes that the facility owner can optimize their security costs in their budget.
  • Workflow
    First, we meet with the client on site to understand their current situation and future needs, as well as to present ourselves. Clean Combustion provides a preliminary analysis to recommend preferred solutions for the unique situation which exists at each facility. This report may detail the economic life of previous investments, control over future costs, fuel efficiency and the reduction of emissions. In many cases this has been crucial to the continued operation, increased capacity or licensing of the facility.

    Our commitment extends from analysis and evaluation to turnkey package, which also includes support, service and necessary training. With a fruitful exchange of knowledge with the customer, we use the preliminary analysis to be the basis for the custom solution package.




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