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Burner Management IntelligenceBurner Management Intelligence

Burner Management Intelligence

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The scope of Clean Combustions Burner Management Intelligence module is to provide communication to our Technical Engineers, offering a pro-active support service to maintain the burner's highest performance.

The BMI system consists of following components:

  • CC Interface™ PC with 12 month License
  • 3G Communication Unit
  • Intelligence™ 12 month License

System Structure
The Interface™ system is communicating actively with Clean Combustion through its isolated static data transfer configuration (PLC  PC  CC). The BMI only communicates in an outward direction, meaning no information is ever sent towards your mill. This configuration allows the highest security of the communication, and illuminates the risk of system/operations interference. The Interface PC solely listens to the I/O unit file, and fetches it at regular time intervals, it then converts and encrypts the file to prepare it for upload to Clean Combustions Intelligence Server. It uses a ETHERNET /3G/4G communication unit for data transfer and SMS communication. If the need of reboot or any other service; a SMS message will be sent from the Clean Combustion Interface Server to execute the action through the ETHERNET/3G/4G unit.

The Clean Combustion Intelligence™ software is an online mass-data management tool assisting CC engineers, client operators and organisation to maintain the highest possible performance of the Burner System through relevant KPIs and Process Signatures.

  • CC Interface™ PC License and Clean Combustion Intelligence License is valid for one Burner System
  • CC Interface PC License ensures CC Interface PC operations (maintenance-free)
  • Intelligence™ License includes
    • Remote Performance Monitor
    • Performance Monitor User Accounts

Burner & Performance Support
Clean Combustions Intelligence™ provides our Technicians and Engineers with live data on the Burner System and the process. This enables an accurate time and cost efficient support from our experts from anywhere, to anywhere on the planet. The BMI enables following support:

  • Remote Operation Case – Assistance with normal operations from CC Technician for 40 working hours per year.
  • Remote Performance Case – Assistance with more complex tuning and operative actions by CC Engineer for 15 working hours per year.
  • Pro-Active Support – By using signatures Intelligence™ pairs performance changes with specific maintenance needs.
  • Performance Reports – Through standard or customised KPI's we present a quarterly report of your kilns performance per year.




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