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Automatic Gas InjectorClean Combustion's automatic gas injectors has been developed to provide reliability, versatility and efficiency.

Our automatic gas injectors are used in incinerators and gas burners, but they can also be used as a mixer and gas control unit before a multi-fuel burner. The automatic gas injector facilitates the alignment and operation of ejectors, which normally drive the combustion gases.

The gas injectors constantly measure the gas pressure, when a desired pressure is reached the injector automatically opens its valves and allows the gas to flow through into the combustion zone. The valves can be controlled automatically or manually from the control room, independent of the gas flow. Technically it gives the application a full Turn Down Ratio of 1:50.

Clean Combustion’s gas injector is controlled either by using steam or water pressure, which also functions as an additional back-fire barrier in the gas outlet. If the gas flow is low or has stopped the valves remain closed to prevent the occurrence of back-fire. Through the distributed control system the gas injectors work like an automatic gearbox: you just ask for power.


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