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Clean Combustion’s multi-fuel burners, ranging from 1-50MW, will highly improve efficiency, simplify maintenance and lower emissions.

The dynamic technology supports solid, slurry, fluid and gas fuels, at single or multi-fuel operations within the same system. Our burners provide improved energy extraction, resulting in lower emissions, better cost efficiency and higher up-time compared to previous generations.

The combination of the vortex injectors, dynamic gas registers and a adjustable swirl turbulator gives the operator total control of the layout and position of the flame at different fuel flows and speeds. This helps to optimize the process and ensures a complete combustion of the fuel entering the zone, reducing fuel consumption and undesired exhaust particles.

Clean Combustion’s manageable design focuses on daily operations. Functions are easily accessible, the design is self-cleaning, and maintenance is reduced and simplified.

The connections for fuels, air, atomization media and actuators are at the back of the burner. The actuators control the dynamic features of the burner. The fuel lances supply the fuel and atomization media to the vortex injector, which mixes the media in-air towards the combustion zone. Burners can be equipped with several gas channels. The gas is sent through the burner by a dynamic outlet channel towards the combustion zone. The adjustable area in the gas channel is automatically controlled by the optimal pressure of the gas entering the combustion zone.

Air is supplied through the swirl turbulator and mixed with the gas and the fuel before entering the combustion zone to ensure an optimized fuel/air ratio. This flexible Clean Combustion system provides high combustion rates even with variations of fuel and fuel quality, allowing the mixing of several fuels.


burner-tipMulti-fuel burner tip: Tips are equipped with lances in the center for liquid and slurry fuels. Channels for gas, solid fuels and air surround the center, which also houses the swirl turbulator.






Back of the burnerBack of the burner: Connections for different types of fuel, air and steam are at the back of the burner. The dynamic areas inside the burner are adjusted by automatic controlled actuators.


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