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Unique Vortex Injector DesignThe exclusive vortex injector designed by Clean Combustion reduces energy consumption and waste.

Liquid and slurry fuels entering the combustion chamber are atomized for efficient combustion. Clean Combustion uses a unique external mixing vortex injector which replaces the function of the nozzle. Each burner can be equipped with several injectors to simultaneously support different fuel types. The injector creates a vortex of the liquid/slurry fuel and applies the atomizing media to create a cone-shaped fuel mist directed into the combustion zone. The atomizing media is either pressurized air or steam.

The injectors are designed according to flow rate and fuel characteristics. Further improvements can be made by analyzing combustion data and tuning the injector with interchangeable parts. The tuning controls the scattering angles and the rotation of the fuel mist to ensure an efficient delivery to the combustion zone.

VortexMain Advantages of Clean Combustion’s vortex injector:

  • Reduced fuel pressure
  • Homogenous flame
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lowered emissions
  • Increased uptime, 12-24 months
  • Self cleaning design
  • Control of viscosity by regulating fuel temperature
  • Turn down ratio 1-6, 1-12



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