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JAMMBCO specializes in the design, manufacturing, servicing and maintenance of our patented kiln chains, econoliners, hangers, shackles, kiln burners and custom castings including cooling grates. Our products are made with the highest of quality and are built to withstand harsh environments. JAMMBCO’s products are supported by our extensive knowledge and experience in high temperature and wear areas.


Jammb Round Kiln Chain

JAMMBCO Round Kiln Chains - aids heat transfer and enhances the production.

Jammb Heat-X Kiln Chain

JAMMBCO patented Heat-X Chain Systems have many advantages over conventional round link chains.

Jammb Oval Kiln Chain

JAMMBCO's Oval chains have a lower weight and surface area compared to other round-shaped chains.

Jammb Metal Econoliner

JAMMBCO Econoliner Systems have many advantages over conventional castable linings when used in the ...

Jammb Link Hanger Assembly

JAMMBCO Patented LinkHanger Assembly (2 part) comes with our unique base and cap that replaces a ...

Jammb Schakles

JAMMBCO Shackles have lower heat resisting grade which is recommended and more cost effective.

Jammb Castings

JAMMBCO Custom design what you need, such as timble castings, nose ring castings.


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