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Real Sustainabilty

Clean Combustion create technology to meet the energy challenges of the future.

Over the last two decades the world has rapidly developed. The population has increased, the economy has grown and the middle class has expanded, all of which contributes to a growing demand for energy. This results in unsustainable climate change. Yet awareness of our environmental problems creates a demand for sustainable energy sources. New types of fuels are introduced at an increasing rate, creating demand for new technologies.

Clean Combustion strives to be more efficient, sustainable, flexible and manageable in comparison to previous generations of combustion technologies. This is Dynamic Performance: efficiently operating in different situations. Our Industrial Burner Solutions embraces all types of fuels (gas, liquid, slurry and solid) and approaches a sustainable optimized combustion for every fuel we introduce.

Investments in new technology require a considerable return: cost efficient use of plant assets and fuel resources, legislated reduced emissions (such as NOx, CO, CO2 and others), reduced and simplified maintenance, and modernized operations. Additionally, the new technology should embrace efficiency, sustainability, flexibility and manageability in order to embrace the future.


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