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Proven Benefits

Clean Combustion's vision is to greatly improve industrial combustion processes with efficient, manageable, flexible and sustainable technology.

Government policies become stricter while energy prices become more expensive and volatile. Pulp & paper mills inevitably face higher costs. However, investment in more efficient energy extraction technology reduces production costs and environmental impact, optimizing performance and ultimately achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Clean Combustion’s Dynamic Performance Concept began with the ambition to turn our innovations into results and help operators more efficiently manage their energy resource consumption. Our initial results of improved cost and time efficiency were soon followed by better energy extraction and fewer emissions. The results strengthen our drive and commitment to continually improve the technology towards:

  • Efficient technology
    The core issue is well-balanced, efficient, dynamic combustion and energy extraction for improved productivity and reduced waste.
  • Flexible technology
    Clean Combustion’s flexible technology supports solid, slurry, fluid and gas fuels. It allows for the mixing of fuels and different flows of fuels within one system.
  • Manageable technology
    Our technology facilitates operations of the equipment and provides easily accessible functions, self-cleaning designs and highly reduced and simplified maintenance.
  • Sustainable technology
    Clean Combustion’s products will reduce the negative environmental impact in comparison to previous installations and will outperform corporate and governmental policies.

The benefits are the four cornerstones of the Dynamic Performance Technology:
Efficient, Flexible, Manageable, Sustainable. Each beneficial aspect of the technology contributes to the whole.

The concept evolved further in the spring of 2012. We investigated our previous installations and how our equipment was being used. We discovered that even higher efficiency was achieved when management realized the importance of more active involvement from the operators. By clarifying and taking this into account we strengthen both our competence and the benefits we can provide our partners by embracing all technological, managerial, organizational and strategic aspects of the company combustion processes.

Clean Combustion's “Dynamic Performance Concept” is now established, proven and available for you...


Clean Combustion cornerstones


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